The scientific work of the Department of Prosthodontics


The department carried out a planned research project on "FEATURES DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT AND REHABILITATION OF PATIENTS WITH DEFECTS teeth and dentitions." Leader: Head. Department of Prosthodontics, MD, Professor Beda V.I.

Those fragments of the planned research and action:

Associate Professor Doroshenko E. - "Rehabilitation of patients with pathology of periodontal tissues."

Associate Professor Leonenko PV - "Treatment and prevention of metal alloys intolerance of dentures in dental patients."

Associate Professor Radko VI - "Rehabilitation of dental patients with dentition defects."

Assistant Professor AN Ovcharenko - "Methods for protecting dental hard tissues of living during their preparation for removable prostheses types."

Assistant Klochan SN - "Peculiarities of the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of athletes with the highest professional achievements of defects of the teeth and dentition."

Assistant PA Gurin - "Ways of optimizing non-removable dental prosthesis metallic structures."

Senior laboratory Trofimenko O. - "Rationale for the construction of dentures with periodontal disease."

Graduate student Palchikov A. - "Clinical and experimental validation of manufacturing ceramic restorations for the replacement of defects of crowns of teeth."

Graduate student Chornenkiy I.M. - "Clinical - Experimental use dowel constructions in multi-teeth".

Graduate student Osnach R.G. - "Substantiation of differential approach to treatment of patients with dentition defects, complicated dentoalveolar deformities and their prevention".

Also, the department carried out proactive research and development:

"The effectiveness of prevention and medical treatment of prosthetic bed tissues and fields in the manufacture of dentures" - Head of the Department of PDR head teacher, professor, MD Doroshenko, O. Execution period - 2007 - 2011 years.

"Clinical and experimental study of the complex orthopedic dental activities at stages of treatment of patients with generalized periodontitis" - head of the OHR is responsible for the scientific work of the department, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Leonenko PV Execution period - 2007 - 2011 years.